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How it Works

Using modern fleet management Software, you can easily improve fleet efficiency and safety by giving you a worldwide overview of your fleet’s position and new activity. It includes all of the management and monitoring facilities that as a fleet manager you’ll need to encourage your staff behavior, regular maintenance of fleet and more. In the event that you run a fleet of vehicles, the incredible added features in this software as well enable you to truly save on fuel and productivity.



E-sports marketing

It’s the fact there are many problems in current Chinese E-sports development, what we must do is correcting rather than ignoring them. Here are a few suggestions that could be useful to these current situations.
1. Strengthen support to E-sports from the federal government and public

Although Chinese E-sports market has a large potential, it still faces many disadvantages like backward administrative management, lacking enough public recognition and weak national enterprises. Under such background, it’s essential for the federal government to take multiple active accesses to support this industry. The E-sports industry contains sports, software, entertainment, telecommunication and hardware equipment production, which has formed an extended industry chain. There is without doubt that the federal government should lead the chain and give certain political privileges in taxes, bank loans, investment environment, basic technology research and industry warning mechanism to put forward the development of Chinese E-sports.

2. Develop supporting industries and establish diversified profit pattern

E-sports industry should seek after multiple methods for growth by developing, applying and promoting supporting industries of E-sports comprehensively, helping to make supporting industries use up larger market sales with the sound development of electronic competitions and gain more profits. Because the highly recognition of games and players, E-sports audience is likely to be active in consuming such services. Designing some supporting products such as gaming tactical map, T-shirt, toys and books to achieve recognition of more consumers. Except bringing profits, additionally it combines games and traditional industries closely. By trending to manufacturing, media, comic and other relevant industries, new drivers of profit growth have already been created to put forward the entire industry. This model could enlarge Chinese E-sports industry scale and gain rewards in this emerging market gradually. At the same time, the circulation between rewards and re-investments can facilitate the skyrocketing growth of E-sports and form the actual healthy cycle mechanism.

3. Add brand value and form brand effects

Establish Chinese Electronic competition Professional League under the leadership of General Administration of Sport of China. Using advanced technologies to broadcast your competition in order to cover requirements on most E-sports fans. Besides, we must promote E-sports athletes with healthy social impacts and market values through competitions. Improving the impacts of competitions by celebrity effect, that will be more convenient to form sound development situation. On another hand, enterprises could build long-lasting brand spirit and reputation. Advertising your competition, propagandizing charm of the players and holding regularly all help to setup a well-known Chinese brand.

Develop and believe Chinese E-sports can have a brilliant and hopeful future.
Together with EwinRacing, do something to the development of E-sports

solutions is Blazesoft

With game backend as a service you can use CRM insights, provided part of the package, that will help you manage players’needs, engage users and retain customers. So long as need certainly to be worried about the difficulties of managing your game’s configuration. Easily change parameters without touching the code.

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Do you will find your games are having difficulty launching? Are players frustrated together with your games because they don’t work correctly? You might want to consider obtaining a game backend as a service. Backend services are extremely important to the success of your game. This is the reason you need to utilize a company that’s highly skilled in providing you with with a custom backend and cloud game server hosting.

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As well as offering game backend as a service , the experts at Blazesoft also provide development services, strategic consulting and strategic marketing, retention and monetization.